The Importance of STEM Education in the 21st Century

The Importance of STEM Education in the 21st Century

            “65% of children now entering elementary school will work at jobs in the future that have not been invented yet” writes educational innovator Cathy Davidson, and she’s absolutely correct.  The American public school system is one of the last remaining relics of the Industrial Era.  A system designed to standardize and churn out obedient factory workers, our education system is long past due for an overhaul.  The leaders of tomorrow will be the free thinkers, the innovators, and (most importantly) the doers.


            The US Department of Education estimates that only 16% of high school students express an interest in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) career, and of those, more than half will lose that interest before graduation.  These abysmal yet sobering statistics highlight the need for more robust STEM education in a child’s formative years.  The data is clear: we need to provide our kids with hands-on opportunities to explore STEM areas from an early age.  At Bridge to STEM, we bring that hands-on opportunity.


            Now entering our sixth year of private supplemental education, we’ve seen the spark in a student’s eyes when they begin to understand the inner workings of the world around them.  We’ve watched them nurture a budding interest in creating new things and inventing a better future.  Most importantly, we’ve seen the direct impact early STEM education has on a student’s career prospects.  


            The problem remains that not all schools are created equal.  Not all children have access to the same resources.  Utilizing state of the art technology, Bridge to STEM is excited to provide online classes to students across the country.  All you need is a computer with a stable internet connection!


            A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics study found that the median income for STEM-related jobs is more than double that of equivalent non-STEM jobs.  And with over 800,000 STEM jobs expected to be created in the next decade, these skills are in higher demand than ever before.  It is crucial, then, that our students are educated for the future they will work in, not that of their parents.


            Bridge to STEM’s programming courses introduce these concepts in an age-appropriate manner using familiar software.  Kids who already know and love games like Minecraft or Roblox will learn the building blocks that form the foundation of a robust STEM education.  By showing them firsthand how the games they love to play are built, students are able to understand the framework of the world around them.  This, in turn, leads to a natural curiosity surrounding how those games could be improved, sparking an innovative spirit.  

            In today’s Information Age, it’s never too early to begin cultivating a child’s career interests.  Our Minecraft and Roblox programming courses are the perfect venue for your kids to explore these passions.  All the while, they’ll gain valuable teamwork and social interaction skills.  From there, many students go on to design individualized courses to pursue their unique interests.  Plus, with our 14 day money back guarantee, there’s no risk!  Why not give it a try… Your kid might just discover a new passion!


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