8 Reasons Why Roblox is One of the Best Educational Programs for Kids

8 Reasons Why Roblox is One of the Best Educational Programs for Kids

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a free platform game that gives users the ability to create video games and other similar projects. It is available on a wide range of devices such as laptops, tablets, computers, consoles, and even VR headsets.

Inside the game, kids quickly learn how to build levels using Roblox Studio, a clever building tool that allows them to manipulate objects and terrain, place objects, and enter simple or complex scripts (depending on how well they know the coding).

From there, they can then publish and share their creations with other users in the community if they wish. Roblox can teach kids some invaluable skills.

Children have access to a large number of user-created games, many of which are extremely popular and played by thousands and sometimes millions of players every day.

Generally, many of these games are free, however Roblox has a monetary system (called Robux) and is not shy about allowing business users to charge for the right to play their creations.

Similarly, children can purchase Robux and spend it on various character skins and in-game equipment. (As a result, you should make sure you track and password protect any credit cards you enter into the system!)

How can Roblox educate children?

1. Roblox teaches children creativity

What exactly is it about Roblox that allows its players to be so creative?

Unlike most other games, which are usually more focused on linear narratives and a single driving story, Roblox is all about creating games and environments.

By putting the player in an open world environment, a child can not only build structures in the Roblox studio, but also entire games that other people can play. These games can then be shared in the Roblox community.

In fact, many people say that games like Roblox inspired them to start making games professionally. It's a platform that allows kids to get started with simple coding exercises and offers a great introduction to creative video game design.

Roblox also has another studio software, Roblox Studio, which allows a lot of creative freedom and gives the player complete control over the design of anything they make.

While games like Minecraft allow you to build one block at a time, Roblox allows you to create complex structures with a few simple clicks, customizing the size and a range of colors and textures.

This means that creating is faster, easier and more efficient than simply stacking blocks at a time, and it allows you to have complete control over everything in your game world - and if anything, it can really allow kids to be creative.

2. Roblox teaches children leadership and team play skills

Due to the nature of multiplayer gaming, co-op is the name of the game when it comes to Roblox, no matter what game you're playing.

While playing alone is an option, most players join to interact socially and to help each other achieve their goals in the game.

This can be by setting up a team to play together on different levels, either levels you have created yourself or levels uploaded by other players. Many kids end up forming good online friendships through social multiplayer games like Roblox, even if they never actually meet face-to-face.

While some people form online teams to go through and complete levels together, another way of playing as a group is to work on creating a world together. Two heads are better than one, after all, and when multiple people work on a project together, it gets done faster and is a combination of different people's creative visions.

Through working together to create something like a building or even an entire city, children will help develop leadership skills and learn to delegate tasks for efficiency and to use everyone's individual talents.

It can also encourage teamwork, with players helping each other and offering ideas for improvement that others may not have thought of.

3. Roblox teaches children programming and coding

We touched on this earlier, but part of what makes Roblox such a versatile game for people to play is the simplicity of the code it uses.

Roblox is created using a coding language called Lua, which is a specific version created specifically for Roblox players to code in Roblox Studio.

In addition to creating through multiple visual menus, Roblox Studio allows players to write and insert their own typed lines of code to create and control each common item. Rather than just navigating through a 3D world, the game can interact with the player through coding, allowing for specific play styles depending on what the creator wants the player to experience.

Roblox Studio uses a combination of visual world creation options, as well as preset shapes and menus, so the player can build the world without the need for coding scripts.

However, as they explore the studio and become more confident in creating more complex things, they start using small bits of code through the studio's built-in scripting tool to make specific parts of the game do specific things.

Over time, this coding knowledge will become increasingly complex and allow them to write full Lua code scripts.

If your child is primarily interested in coding and computers, learning to code from an early age can be very important in developing their computer skills.

Just like learning a foreign language, introducing them to it at an early age can mean that they will find it easier to understand and master as they get older.

Learning to code can be a gateway to many different skills and career paths, including computer work, game development, web development and other types of online and computer work.

In today's heavily technology-dependent society, learning to code can be a huge asset for thousands of different professions.

4. Roblox teaches kids general computer skills

Since our world today is heavily dependent on technology, knowledge of computers, programs, and the workings of both hardware and software can be a great asset for many different skills in the future.

While your child may not be as interested in computers, playing games like Roblox can help develop a variety of skills, including typing speed, math, and even artistic creation.

The limitless creative potential that Roblox allows players helps engage all sorts of different skills that might not have occurred to them outside of the game.

Being confident in using different pieces of software, as well as having a good understanding of how to use and operate computers without assistance, is a useful and applicable skill in almost any line of work.

While it's important that your child doesn't spend all their time on the computer, by giving them the freedom to use it to write, create and play, it actually helps them develop a fluency in using technology that could very well help them in times to come.

5. Roblox teaches kids logic

Video games can help develop logical thinking in children and young adults. Schools, workplaces, and even the military use video games as a way to improve people's physical and mental reaction time and other skills.

Puzzle solving is a major part of many video games; you have to think about strategy, resources and techniques, and much more.

Logic can be learned through Roblox in a very literal way; it's one of those games that relies on trial and error to help you learn the real subtleties of the game and how to play it.

Beyond that, coding relies on logical reasoning as well as testing and experimenting to see what works and what doesn't.

However, logic is also learned through the experience of playing the game, such as how to get through puzzles, how to get around certain obstacles, or how to complete a certain map.

Being thrown into the deep end of an unfamiliar level is usually the best way to kick-start your problem-solving skills, forcing you to think outside the box and also apply logic to the problems you face.

Since the video game allows you to retry if you fail, it allows the player to repeat the stage until they get it right. This means that there isn't the same amount of danger or risk as there would be in real life, giving the player the best training ground where he can apply his critical thinking and logic in a safe environment without compromising his safety.

6. Roblox teaches kids math

Coding and math often go hand in hand, with one often helping to reinforce the other. However, when taught in a more academic environment, some children can become disengaged and easily bored. This is why many schools encourage children to play special educational versions of their favorite games, such as Minecraft and Roblox.

Parents often sign their children up for Roblox programming classes - these can be online. You can learn more about Bridge To STEM’s Roblox classes for kids on our website!

Roblox is usually used to teach coding rather than actual mathematical concepts. Roblox uses and encourages the use of mental math calculations, which often take place in the back of your mind without you thinking about it.

Whether it's estimating the size of a creation in the studio, how many items you need for a certain task, the damage your enemies take in battle, or how much certain things are worth in in-game currency.

Some weapons will do a certain amount of damage to an enemy, so you need to know how many hits you'll need before they're defeated. It's similar to having to change money on the fly in a store or estimate the length of something without a tape measure.

There are even games that have been specifically created by players in online communities that use math problems as part of their puzzles or as part of an online challenge.

7. Roblox supports reading and writing

It's common knowledge that children learn best when they're having fun, and with Roblox that's exactly what they do. If a child is motivated to progress in Roblox, they will need to have a good understanding of the written guides that appear on screen. If children are playing with friends, they will need to use the chat function to read and write messages as part of a team game.

8. Roblox encourages children's curiosity

After hours of Roblox, you may find that your child is much more curious. Part of the game includes the fact that children have to overcome challenges. In order to progress further in the game, they will have to find hints and tricks to help them. This may involve online research or even a trip to the local library! Your child will have to analyze everything to find the best information.

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