Kids learn the skills of the future with Bridge Academy

Kids learn the skills of the future with Bridge Academy

Bridge to STEM educates kids with STEM skills, utilizing Minecraft and Roblox to teach coding (computer programming), engineering, and creativity. We teach on-site (at qualifying schools) and on-line for everyone; we offer individual and group classes. We offer courses in Spanish and in English.

Bridge to STEM is an opportunity for kids to learn the new and innovative skills of the future.

Bridge to STEM develops kid’s intuitions for solving problems in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics. One day far off in their careers, the kids might work on designing a hydroelectric plant on a mountain, analyze the interrelationships in an ecosystem like the Everglades, or even work on orbiting space stations. Bridge to STEM is the place where it all begins.

In Roblox, we will learn more advanced coding and work with 3D objects. Kids will be able to make 3D objects do whatever they want. They will be able to change the speed of their cars, create dodge ball games, use gravity, and even experiment with new digital materials.

Bridge to STEM is a launchpad into the world of Technology. We have educated over a thousand kids and now we’re bringing our expertise to Florida. Bridge to STEM provides more advanced courses and works closely with Technology recruiters to provide kids with opportunities as they develop their STEM skills and grow into their careers.


  • Develop their STEM skills at an early age.
  • Teach your kid to have fun as they work.
  • Create future opportunities for your kid with our network of technology companies.

Join us on Thursday, September 8th at 6pm EST for a Free, live webinar to see how our STEM courses flow.

Also you can join our Membership & Rewards program on our websites.

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