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Bring A Bridge To STEM Course To Your School


After school courses on-site at your school!

Through Bridge To STEM's innovative Remote On-site Course System, we prepare teachers and/or parents to implement STEM courses in their local schools.


What's it take to get started?

All we need to get started is a passionate parent or educator at your school and a computer lab for students!


A broad range of course offerings.

From coding to graphic design, Bridge To STEM courses span an array of exciting topics that prepare students for a career in the digital age.

Our Courses + Your School = A Recipe For Success!


1. Terms of Agreement


2. Teacher training


3. Implementation of Courses

How It Works:

We’ve adapted our curriculum to be implemented in any school, large or small, public or private, urban or rural, in an effort to expand access to STEM education. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, administrator, or PTA member, we’ll work with you to bring STEM education classes to your school. Here’s an overview of how the process works:

1. A passionate individual expresses an interest in bringing STEM education to their school.

2. PTA & Administration approval is obtained.

3. Our expert mentors work 1-on-1 with a chosen teacher at your school, training them to deliver STEM education in an engaging way through our classes.
4. Course schedules are set, and students sign up.

5. Classes begin, students learn STEM skills in a way that is familiar to them, and they become better prepared to view the world around them with an analytical lens.

6. At the end of the course, a student/parent survey is conducted, where we get individualized feedback and gauge interest in future courses.  A successful after school course can easily lead to the implementation of more courses, holiday, and summer camps in the future!


Why Bring a B2S Course to Your School?

- Increase student literacy in technical skills
- Teach students to view the world around them with an analytical lens
- Provide opportunities to learn soft skills by practicing the 4 Cs: Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration, and Coordination
- Low-stress, high-energy environment gives kids the opportunity to express creative freedom while learning
- Expand student awareness of current events, including climate change, smart technology, and alternative fuel sources
- Provide students an opportunity to pursue a career in programming or coding


To learn more about how to implement a course at your school, click the button below to schedule an exploratory call.

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