Using Roblox as an Educational Tool

Using Roblox as an Educational Tool

There is a computer programming language used to build every video game.

Imagine coding these items: scoreboards, tunnels, screwdrivers, secret doors, mountains, and coliseums. Computers are complex beasts: they take electricity, 0s and 1s, and raw materials to create bright, colorful, looping video games.

A question comes up: how do we get from electricity to a fully functioning game that saves its own data? Programming games is an entry point into the world of technology, because it pushes us to think about how the real world works.

Hours programming in Roblox Studio paired with our adventures push students to think about what we can do in real life.

You start to wonder:

What happens if I turn this knob and pull it towards me? If the door is facing the right way, then the door will open.

What happens if I step on a rock that’s over 500 degrees Fahrenheit? Then it will burn a hole through my shoe, depending on its material.

What happens if I nurture a garden of flowers and tomatoes for a loop of 90 days with water and fertilizer? You will have yourself a small farm.

What happens if I create a smart plastic collection robot? Then I can clone it and remove high volumes of plastic from the ocean.

These if conditions are core to programming, because they help us determine what needs to happen in our game to trigger events in our code.

If I create an object in a video game, I get to determine its shape, size, color, and its effect on the player. Examples of objects are: a special hill that makes the player run slower, a bicycle which allows the player to access a special road, and a volcano that when active, makes your video game crops grow faster. The possibilities are infinite. The object could even be a satellite that when active, gives the player game map data. Code enables you to set the conditions and the variables that enable these objects to act precisely.

So, if I wanted to program a flower to turn blue when the sun is out, and turn purple when the moon is out, I could do so, using the Time variable on Roblox.

Understanding that there is an order behind the way the world works, and insights to be gained from programming it the way we want to, is a great bridge into the cyclical world of engineering and design.

We get the opportunity to imagine objects beyond the bounds of physics and reality. Roblox is a phenomenal Bridge to STEM.

Whatever you end up doing in life, the insights you will come away with from here will be extremely valuable, because they will familiarize you with programming and creativity, which are essential components of engineering.

With our lecture-experience adventures, you will gain critical thinking, coding, collaborative, and creative skills.

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