Online Coding Classes

Digital Projects Led by STEM Professionals

We teach youth STEM concepts, How to Code, Engineering, Automation, Teamwork and Collaboration, and the Basic Principles of Sustainability.


Kids having Fun on our Courses

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Online Coding Classes for kids

Our online classes teach students important life skills and develop their logical thinking using STEM-area concepts, including math, design, and physics. The best part? Students can log on remotely from anywhere in the world!


After-School Clubs for Kids

In the future we will offer after-school clubs at certain schools to help children develop lifelong problem-solving skills - Programming, Creative skills, Critical thinking, Teamwork and collaboration.


Individual Online Courses

Whether your child needs individual attention, wants more detailed feedback, or wants to go above and beyond our standard course offerings, we offer individualized, specially-tailored lesson plans just for them.


Summer Coding Camps

At these summer coding camps, students will be immersed in a week full of creative activities and project-based methods to introduce them to the basics of using a PC for programming, all while building valuable teamwork skills.






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Educating students in the 21st century

Coding, Cooperation, Creativity, Communication, & Critical Thinking

Find a class that fits your child's interests, skill level, goals, and schedule. Whether online or in-school, one-on-one or in a group, we've got the right course for you.

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Professional Tools and Programs

At Bridge to STEM, students use a wide range of tools and development environments to gain new lifelong skills and knowledge. Both Minecraft and Roblox are hugely popular ‘sandbox’ games where creativity takes priority over competition

Space for Self-Expression

We provide an inclusive space for children to explore their skills and interests that often go untouched in a traditional classroom. By helping to develop those skills and encourage those interests, we encourage your child to grow in ways that will benefit them for their entire life.

Developing Creativity and Logical Thinking

Our classes are designed to be adaptable to suit the individual needs of every child. Courses feature Minecraft or Roblox activities that develop creative and logical thinking skills in a fun, familiar environment.

Active Engagement & Support

Whether a student requires assistance, has a question, or needs help, at Bridge to STEM there is always a qualified tutor ready to assist.

Need help deciding on the right course for your child?

Reach out to our team of specialists – we’re happy to help!

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